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Do you suffer for a build up of boring old plain T-shirts in your drawers?

Well suffer no more!

With Urban Cross Stitch T-shirt kits you can revamp and recycle those old boring T-shirts into a brand new, hand stitched work of art, that will be the envy of all who see it!

Its the ultimate in recycling crafts!

Now here's the science bit......

Our T-shirt kits use cutting edge Soluble Canvas techonology. You stitch your design directly onto your old T, soak it in warm water to disolve the Soluble Canvas, and hey presto you have yourself a brand spanking new revitalised T-shirt, which you can wear with pride!

Each kits comes complete with thread, needle, design chart, key, full instructions and Soluble Canvas.

So liberate those Ts from the back of your drawers and get stitching!

Note: Kits DO NOT contain a T-shirt.

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