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Unique x Classic x Simple x – x Urban x Cross x Stitch!

Urban Cross Stitch is all about making the traditional craft of cross-stitching urban, timeless and accessible. Its conception is somewhat serendipitous: London-based pattern-cutter, Phil Davison, retreated to the forested lands of Arkansas to escape the vivifying madness of the fashion powerhouses, only to have a new passion in the art of cross stitching kindled under the guidance of an elderly family friend. Though creative and meticulous, the mentor’s designs were a bit twee for the Central Saint Martins graduate, who combined his newfound love of cross-stitch with his passion for street art. But Phil couldn’t keep it to himself and, in 2008 Urban Cross Stitch was born.

It is our mission at Urban Cross Stitch to make it possible for everyone – man, woman and child to share in this creative, urbanising vision to keep cross stitching alive; for individuals to create pieces of their own with the help of an Urban Cross Stitch Kit or by simply ordering more elaborate finished or customised pieces, of unique images to immortalise memories throughout the generations. xx